s, I have read the question on many forms, How to run small brushed dc motor for mini quadcopter. So with this article i am going to show you some various way to drive low voltage DC motor.

Many various type of motor driver module, IC and mosfet are available in the market to drive small brushed DC motor for mini quadcopter. But if you are looking motor driver for mini quadcopter then you need very lightweight driver.

Today I am using D10N05 SMD Mosfet Transistor to drive the motor. In this article you can see how I used this mosfet transistor.

This is a N-channel mosfet and it have three pins Gate, Drain and Source. Source pin is the input for negative voltage from the battery and drain for the negative output for the motor and gate pin is the input for PWM signal. Below is the circuit diagram to show you how i connect the mosfet with Arduino pro mini and mini quadcopter motor.

small brushed dc motor for mini quadcopter

Here is the video tutorial

Testing Code for Arduino

I am also sharing the Arduino code to test above circuit diagram to make sure it’s working fine with the PWM signal. In this code, we are writing an analog value 0 to 255 for pin number three to make fading PWM signal for a mosfet.

#define fadePin 3

void setup(){
pinMode(fadePin, OUTPUT);

void loop(){

for(int i = 0; i<360; i++){
//convert 0-360 angle to radian (needed for sin function)
float rad = DEG_TO_RAD * i;

//calculate sin of angle as number between 0 and 255
int sinOut = constrain((sin(rad) * 128) + 128, 0, 255);

analogWrite(fadePin, sinOut);

  1. mahiv 9 years ago

    how can i turn this motor anti clockwise

  2. mahiv 9 years ago

    how can i turn this motor anti clockwise and do you have a sketch for that

  3. Luke griffiths 9 years ago

    If you want to make the motor go anti clockwise, just switch the negative and positive wires of the motor around. Hope that helped.

  4. CAMP 9 years ago

    If you want to control the motor to go in both directions you need to either built or buy an H-bridge. They can be found pretty cheap around but for an added knowledge you can build your own with a few MOSFETS. Hope it helps

  5. rudbenxc 9 years ago

    hola, disculpa pero aprecio que el motor no gira a su maxima y me pasa lo mismo con otros mosfet que experimento, no sabes como mejorar esto para que gire a su maxima?? dato es que en los motores con nucleo dc (cc) tengo buenos resultados pero alguna alternativa para girarlo a sumaxima los que no tienen nucleo

  6. Jordan 9 years ago

    Hi there, has anyone build a successfully flyable drone this way? I built an octocopter, but it looks like the battery can’t handle the amps drawn. When I fire off all 8 motors some are very weak. Any insight?

    • zeki 8 years ago

      use a h bridge with external power source so u can handle all.

    • trung 7 years ago

      What battery did you use ….. is that a 3.7v lipo pin. Pls i need your answer as soon as possible cause im going to make one

  7. Mauricio 8 years ago

    Arduino mini pro 3.3v
    Arduino mini pro 5v

  8. John 8 years ago

    How would you run 4 independent motors off an arduino mini pro?

  9. jatin 8 years ago

    can anyone please provide a sketch regarding connection of 4 motors for a quad copter please with the arduino

  10. Kian 7 years ago

    Where can i buy the D10N05 SMD Mosfet Transistors ?

  11. Pranjali 7 years ago

    What did you use for the 3.7v power supply?

    • Ehsan Mohammadi 7 years ago

      you can use a lithium battery cell

  12. darren 7 years ago

    what is the code for controlling four motors.please reply a soon as possible.am stuck

  13. Fardaws Hassam 5 years ago

    Why that resistor was used ? Please explain…and what was the resistance

  14. Gazi Hazzaz 5 years ago

    Thank you a lot. this idea will help me to do my project .

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